After several days of R&D, Bug Finding, Debugging, Bug Fixing & Programming we’re proud to announce BadKush 171.

This includes everything from the 132 version of BadKush and also adds everything from 171 as well. Over the next weeks days we will be adding way more content to bring a whole new experience to BadKush.

Of course with this new addition comes bugs, we’ve squashed as many as we can but there are still a few things that we need to touch up on. As always remember to download the latest launcher and stay up to date with information in our Discord.

Change Log:

  • rune armour is now reasonably priced in the store
  • made it so you can actually use the keys on the chests at home
  • renamed the puro points to hunter points to sync up with the new prestige points upcoming skill updates
  • fixed a couple npc dialogues to have ‘Open’ for the shop
  • renamed all npc options from trade/trade with/open store to open for 1st click and open store for 2nd click
  • re-ordered the BadKush Shops menu and added the last remaining shops that werent added yet
  • made a change to items on death, now when you die and your items go on the ground, instead of them disapearing forever. Death will now collect them for you and sell them back to you for 500K * each time you use him. So for the first time you use death, it’s 500k, next time it’s 1m, next time 1.5m, next time 2m, etc.
  • fixed the agility store in the shops menu
  • fixed the water altar teleport(edited)
  • the exit portals for runecrafting now teleport you home
  • renamed agility tokens to agility tickets
  • updated our forums theme and the players online counter! It looks way more modern now
  • readded the trivia shop to the shop menu, removed it by mistake with the shops update
  • made the points display in the stores a bit more sexy
  • fixed cooking so now you will randomly burn things, this also should fix quite a few actions that are suppose to fail but haven’t been failing and instead resulted in 100% success rates
  • made farming a bit more pimp
  • fixed a couple random crashes people have been experiencing
  • added ::spamoff and ::spamon to toggle Skill/Boss/PVM Point msgs