We’re proud to announce that we’re launching the Bad Kush MMO Alpha today! The game servers are live so simply download the game client and login with a username that isn’t taken yet!

The server and client are still in heavy development and will be updating regularly. We currently do not have an update schedule but we do have a discord you can join to keep up to date with the latest news.

The current game-mode for the MMO is Minigames & Spawn PK. During this time the players will be able to spawn almost any item and test the server to its fullest. If you find any bugs during this time please report them to a staff member ASAP. We are relying on the players to help us make the game better during this alpha phase.

Once the Minigames & Spawn PK server is bug free, we will start working on the Minigames & Economy PK server. More information will be announced later for the Economy server.

We’ve also launched the website for the first time! Please bear with us while we get all the bugs worked out.