After many hours we have a #170 preview version of BadKush! This new update introduces a lot of game breaking bugs so we will be working on fixing those. Until it’s bug free you can download it by joining the Discord and clicking #170-preview or by clicking this link.

In other news the HighScores are almost here so expect that update over the next couple days!

Change Log:

  • removed the dice from the vote shop
  • DHCB now hits 30% harder against all ‘dragons’
  • rock cake can no longer kill you, it will stop when you have 1 hp
  • added more raid rewards and pc rewards to be toggled as an event by admins
  • burst spells now act as multi spells just like barrage
  • Metal dragons now drop their corresponding bars as noted items.
  • fixed a few grammar errors with the caskets
  • all the caskets now tell you the amount of the item reward you got
  • fixed the entity kill feed in the client, it should no longer go beyond its max hp
  • fixed the crowns placement, theyre no longer all weirdly placed
  • added particles and fixed a couple things with water
  • fixed some positioning with some of the chat icons
  • coins now have a price 😎
  • modified the launcher to now attempt to boot up even if theres no internet connection to
  • made it so you can’t trade during a world update
  • fixed the entity feed’s HP displaying bigger than it should
  • made it so the examine text for every single rock now says the ore type
  • fixed the vote poll so the first click option is the store
  • made it so when you die in a raid but your team completes the raid you get the tokens, you don’t get a key however(edited)
  • made it so if you die on the 4th room you still get a key
  • fixed a spacing issue with yelling and crowns