God raids is finished along with our 12th quest! We’ve been focusing heavily on quality of life to bring you the best experience possible!



fixed a baaaad bug with the well of hoodwill
high-alch has been extended to 100M from 20M
fixed a bug with the well of goodwill text
fixed a bug with the well of goodwill that would allow overflowing after a large enough amount of gp
pimped out the settings menu
updated the well of goodwill msg, it will now include the % of how active it is
fixed a bug with the raid system & being able to abuse it
fixed a weird deadlock
fixed a visual bug with the buff system
the weak abyssal bracelet has been changed to the ‘abyssal bracelet’
fixed a bug with the event chest
fixed a bug with the client and causing low FPS during combat
fixed a typo with the well of goodwill
exiting a raid portal will now restore your spec and act as a complete restore, curing poison and resetting your stats back to normal
nurse joy will now restore your spec along with curing your poison if you have super-donator access
all ultimate weapons now have a 10x combination buff, so 1 combination will act as 10%, it still has a maximum of 100%
colored ultimate twisted bows will now act as an ultimate twisted bow with the alias system for combination buffs
fixed a pretty bad bug with the login screen options and the screen option settings
added an option to the logout button where you can select ‘Hide Minimap’ to hide the minimap while in resizable mode
fixed a visual bug with the resizable mode and de-selecting the logout button while in the side-stone arrangement mode
made the veng/freeze times togglable, they will now also properly show up where they should while on resizable mode
fixed kolodions level and elvarg’s level in the teleport menu
otto has been moved to the new home, he’s also has his price reduced 10X from 3m to 300k
during raids you will now get an alert to re-join your party right after they complete rooms 1, 2, and 3, as well as opening room 1, 2, 3 and 4
added the god raid :smiley:
twisted bows, viriditas, mummy, and the new infernal armour all now act as a 5% boost for the combination system
buffed the god raid
fixed a bug with the saradomin raid boss
buffed the god raid a little bit more
renamed the god raid tests to be the god raid trials
added the god key to the raid shop
fixed the wall at lumbridge
all raid npcs no longer require a slayer level to attack
adjusted the spawns of the minions in the god raid to prevent the spawning in the wall bug
added a bunch more items to the raid store
raid hosts will now be able to re-join their raid if they die
if a raid host dies in raid room 4 they will still get a reward
fixed a couple misc bugs with null pointers
ruby (e) will now show a ranged attack splat instead of melee
fixed the donator cosmetic store 1
ctrl + r, ctrl + b, and ctrl + d (developers) will no longer reset your chatbox messages
lightly buffed the combat of the god raid
added a new opt-in rendering system, it’s extremely experimental but it should increase your FPS, if you notice any bugs just turn it off, you can toggle it with ::fastfps
added a command to adjust the rate of the fps with ;;fastfpsmod 1-1000
fps and memory are now two different settings
greatly improved the client FPS during certain situations, fixed-mode should provide a steady 50 FPS no matter what now
added the client toggle ;;cmem and adjusted it to be in MB
fixed a bug with prove your worth
raid monsters no longer drop GP
fixed the ancient and guthis packs
fixed a bug with the fps text
fixed a bug with dagganoth kings
buffed the amount of NPCs per god raid room
possibly fixed a crashing bug
Added stats to the justiciar set
Adjusted the magic defence bonus for viriditas
Added stats to sanguinesti staff
Added stats to the infernal spirit shield
Made the scythe of vitur a 2 handed weapon
fixed a bug with crowns
fixed brutistheguy’s tab to reply in private messages (also may have effected other players)
you can now tab to reply anyone who PMs you, they no longer have to be in your friends list
fixed a bug with the chest
fixed a bug with the god raid after 100+ raids before a reboot
fixed a bug with the timeTook API where it would return nothing if it took 0 milliseconds
hopefully fixed an annoying bug causing the bank ‘all’ tab to not properly show all of the items
fixed a bug with pc
added tabs to our settings menu
added show memory to the settings menu
added the Old Compass option
renamed the settings to be a bit more obvious
fixed a couple bugs with replying to pms and adding users
buffed the stats of the utbow
fixed a client bug causing random crashes sometimes
fixed the visual bug for 10X items and 5X buff items
fixed a cannon bug
fixed another cannon bug causing clipping issues
added a toggle for the bounty hunter interface in wilderness
pet context menus are now instanced for the owner only
fixed a bug with the memory optionj
added an experimental work in progress ‘extended view’ this will produce lower FPS but it will render more of the world
added an effect to the scythe of vitur that does an additional hit on npcs of a medium size and 2 addition hits on massive npcs. The hits will scale to 100:50:25.
client zoom will now save between game frame switches and client reboots
added an secondary option for having a higher extended view, this will drop your FPS even more than the extended view but it allows the entire region to be shown
you can now zoom out entirely with the new extension mode enabled
renamed the Extended View and Higher Extended view to Farther View and Farthest View
fixed a crash with the client
fixed a couple unpacking bugs
added another 1,000 notches the client can zoom out with
fixed a bug with the client causing certain packets to not fire
fixed pet context menus
fixed bank scroll
fixed bank interface not focusing
fixed armadyl rune armour pack
added the command ;;well
commands will no longer requeue after you logout
added a new past teleport menu when you right click the world map
fixed tiny girgios context menu
pets will no longer show up with a yellow dot on the minimap
added ;;locklastteleports to lock the world map context menu so you can have a list of favorite teleports
added a visual option to lock the minimap menu as well as the command
Avernic Defender is now tradable
fixed a bug with the client sometimes not properly parsing the correct rights for the crown image
fixed a bug with the client crown/title system for mods and admins
changed the location where you spawn for the god raids
fixed a bug with poison not resetting
WG2 is enabled
removed the prestige color system since it’s no longer used
redid a couple things with how the pet system is loaded
fixed the pet dagganoth prime model
updated the cooks assistant quest to use the new dialogue API, there may be a couple bugs with this
renamed the gnome to gnome and tortoise
changed the wiki theme a little bit
fixed a bug with firemaking
added the ;;ver command so you can now easily compare client versions to detect issues
added a pretty big update called ‘Latency’, you an enabled it by typing ;;latency and it will enable you into a low-packet mode which is meant for rural/broadband/slow/shitty internet speeds, this new mode will also cause your account to stay logged in for far longer (up to 30 seconds) if you xlog, so be prepared for that if you enable this mode
updated the dragon slayer quest
updated the text dialogue for the cooks assistant quest
added face west, face east and face south to the client
added a couple more toggle options to the client such as ctrl + r, ctrl + b and ctrl + arrow keys to move your compass to the hotspots for quick switching
added descriptions to the settings menu
adjusted the 317, 667 and osrs options, they will now toggle the attack priority respectively
Added another effect to the scythe of vitur, it with now have splash damage simular to that of a ancient magics spell. It will still use the multihit effect on all splashed npcs if they are size 2 or higher.
fixed a visual bug with the gnome and tortoise
added a new quest called the cook’s apprentice, as a reward when you complete this quest you can now used raw fish (noted works) on him and he will charge you per piece to instantly cook them
added home to the city teleports, now you will be able to set home to your favorites/last teleported to list
Sanguinesti staff can now austocast ancients
made it so you can now bring pets into funpk and WG 2
slightly redid how pets are handled, we should no longer see any missing pets from here on out
added bank value estimation