Inferno is now LIVE!

Bug Fixes:

As always with new content, expect bugs, if you notice any, just report them in #reports on Discord and Kon will fix them ASAP.
  • Fixed a pretty bad bug with the pet system where you would sometimes lose stacked goods when picking up your pet.
  • Fixed a bug with the coins and blood money pouches not updating.
  • Fixed Jad’s GFX for his Ranged attack.
  • Fixed a bug with ;;afk.
  • Fixed a few bugs with raids.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with Jeeves.
  • Fixed a bug when toggling off the minimap.
  • Fixed a small bug with the BadKush httpd.
  • Fixed a bug with forfeiting from the duel arena.
  • Defence has a much higher chance to block relative to your Defence level, as such rock crabs and cows shouldn’t be as OP anymore.
  • Fixed a couple bugs in the client with things like examine tests and other QOL improvements.
  • Fixed a bug with some item prices.
  • Fixed a bug with inferno starting at wave 26 instead of 1.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the Teleport interface.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘are you sure’ interfaces.
  • Fixed a few bugs with using items on another player.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the particle system.
  • Fixed a few bugs trading and dueling.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with NPC packets.
  • Fixed the achievement title unlocks.
  • Fixed a bug with Firecape gambling.
  • Fixed a bug with the NPC hooking system.
  • Fixed a bug with fight caves healers.
  • Fixed a bug with Inferno not properly updating your progress.
  • Fixed a bug with the pet NPC giver.
  • Fixed a pretty bad branching bug with dialogue options.
  • Fixed particle effects and rewrote how we handle them.


  • Removed the Cave Eel from the Fishing menu.
  • Added all of the Crossbows to the Ranged menu.
  • Changed the color for when you achieve level 99 as Extreme or Insane.
  • When you achieve level 99 it will only show your prestige’s if your prestige is level 1 or higher.
  • Using the ‘pick-up’ option for pets will now act as a quick withdraw.
  • Added a new packet to help construct new dynamic areas.
  • Moved Baby Girgio to the rare table from the uncommon table.
  • Added quick teleports for the GWD bosses:  ;;graar, ;;zil, ;;kril, ;;kree .
  • Adjusted the PVM alert system.
  • ;;teleports will now properly open your last opened teleport menu.
  • Your last opened Teleport menu will now save when you logout.
  • Rewrote most of the core API for handling drops, fixed a lot of bugs with it but the biggest one was the VRare table, it wasn’t actually firing correctly.
  • Changed the level up GFX.
  • Edited the 4:20 messages so they don’t contain any more misleading information.
  • Made it so while your account is locked, it will be unable to perform any commands.
  • Added a right click option to the logout menu button to go AFK.
  • Changed the price of the purple title color to be 50 like the rest of them.
  • The title manager will now change the currency type for each different category.
  • Increased Jads health from 220 to 550.
  • Added a Cat NPC at home who will exchange 3 pets for a pet key. Use the key at home on the pet chest for a random chance to get a ANY pet in the game.
  • Rock crabs now have a max hit of only 1 instead of 2.
  • Changed the color of the global events announcement.
  • The starter kit GP amount has been changed from 50k to 200k.
  • Sarasword and blessed Sarasword now only require 70 Attack instead of 75.
  • Chivarly now only requires 60 Prayer instead of 65.
  • You can now dismantle a serpentine visage into 40,000 Zulrah scales.
  • Added easy mode Inferno. If you complete this, you’ll get an inferno cape that you can exchange for the infernal max cape.
  • Also added up the hard mode Inferno. If you complete this, you’ll get the inferno cape (i). This cannot be upgraded because it’s already an upgraded max cape.
  • Completing inferno gives you a chance to win a Tzrek-zuk pet, you can also gamble an Infernal cape for it (non max cape, and non i). This pet now has a unique pet effect that heals for you, banks for you, automatically picks up your coins, blood money, platinum tokens and tokkul…and it gives a 10% exp bonus!!
  • All Tzhaar NPCs outside of their minigames will now drop Tokkul.
  • Double exp rings will now automatically pickup all dropped Tokkul.
  • All Tzhaar shop owners will now open the Tokkul shop.
  • Adjusted the Tokkul shop and added Obsidian Armour and a few other Obsidian Weapons.
  • Made it so you can no longer bank or use pet containers in the Fight Caves and Fight Arena Minigames.
  • Changed the color of all auto pickup messages.

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